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Edentulous Jaw Implants

Implant-supported dentures (Endentulous Jaw Implants)  vs. Dentures

Dentures are no longer made of materials such as bones as in the olden days. Modern dentures are meant to look just like natural teeth, while providing a more comfortable and well-functioning fit and feel in the mouth. However, dentures are often less appealing to most patients than dental implants.

Even for the best constructed dentures, there are always plenty of challenges for the denture wearer to endure. Most noticeable is the loss of chewing power – it’s hard to bite and chew as well as you can with natural teeth.

Another drawback of dentures is that they tend not to stay in place. Dentures make unavoidable movements while speaking and chewing and can be a constant irritation to a lot of patients. Many other denture wearers experience loss of some sense of taste and occasional mouth ulcers. Nonetheless, millions of people around the world have learned to cope and get along the best they can with dentures – but dental implants dentures are a better, more comfortable, more natural feeling solution for most patients.

Implant supported denture

This is one of the greatest innovations in dentistry in the past 30 years. The technology provides the dental profession to deal with missing teeth problems with predictability of success. The implant tooth will give the patient the feeling of his own tooth, secure and comfortable. Patients with all teeth missing can also enjoy the normal functions, like talking and eating, with implants to secure their dentures.

An implant denture is an over denture with special attachments which snap onto the implants surgically placed in the jaw bones.  It is the best solution for people who do not have teeth left in the jaw and are not happy with regular dentures.   Implant dentures can be used on both the upper or lower jaw.

Who will benefit from implant dentures?

Often there are two common groups of people who would benefit from implant dentures. 

  • People with advance periodontitis (gum disease) who either have loose teeth that are not reversible or have lost their teeth due to heavy bone loss.
  • People who are already wearing full dentures but are not happy due to malfunctioning of the dentures.

Implant denture procedures

Procedures for implant dentures are:

  1. Consultation with Dr. Andrew Sih who will examine, discuss and explain to the the cost and the actual treatment.  A CAD scan is need for Dr. Andrew Sih and Dr. Terry Yuen to decide on the location of the implants and see whether there is enough bone to hold the implants.
  1. Consultation with Dr. Terry Yuen for further discussion and determine if bone grafting is needed.
  2. Extraction of teeth if required and a temporary denture provided.
  3. Surgical procedures to place implants in the jaw bone. A temporary denture is provided (if you do not have one already) to resume normal look and function.
  4. Wait for 4-5 months for the implants to integrate with the bones
  5. Exposure of implant screws and placement of abutements
  6.  Impressions made for the implant denture
  7. Insertion of implant denture

Now you can enjoy a beautiful smile and function of a new set of teeth which does not slip nor slide!

If you are not happy with your regular dentures, consider changing to an implant denture, call Bondi Dental and make an appointment with Dr. Andrew Sih.  Our phone no. is (02) 9365 3988

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from appropriately qualified health practitioner.