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Lost Crowns or Fillings

Emergency service for lost or broken crowns

Crowns are used to protect broken or weakened teeth.  Simple as it may sound, the procedure requires good clinical knowledge and skills for the procedure to be successful.

It is not uncommon to encounter emergency patients with ‘crown failures’ such as lost, chipped or broken crowns.  Reasons for these failures are:

  • The tooth was not properly prepared or cut  to allow for the correct amount of space for the crown
  • Impressions had not been taken correctly and accurately
  • The crown was not properly sealed (leaking problem), resulting in food trap and future decay
  • The gum line shrinks because of ill fitting crown, or the gum margin was not prepared properly.
  • The bite was incorrect leading to bite discomfort and in severe cases, fracture of the crown

My crown came off.  Why?

The preliminary procedure of preparing a dental crown is to have a temporary crown with temporary cement.   As the temporary cement is not meant to be permanent, it is not very strong and the temporary crown may come off.  If however, a permanent crown came off, our Bondi Dental emergency dentist will have to examine and find out the reason whether it was due to poor cementing or poor clinical skills resulting in a faulty crown.

Emergency treatment of crown failures

Emergency treatment for crown failures varies.  Sometimes it could be as simple as re-cementing the crown back to the tooth.  However, as most crown failures are due to poor techniques and skills, our Bondi Dental emergency dentist will, as an immediate emergency measure,  make a temporary crown for you in the chair to restore the look and function of the mouth, and make future appointments for you to come in for preparation of a permanent crown.

We understand that it could be very inconvenient and embarrassing if you lose or break a crown in your mouth, if that happens, call our emergency dental centre located at Bondi Beach, Bondi at

(02) 9365 3988 and your dental problem will be taken care of.