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Fractured Teeth

Fractured, Split and Shattered Teeth Emergency

Broken teeth that have been split or shattered can hurt immensely especially when nerves remain exposed post injury.

What kind of break has occured?

Teeth with such problems should be attended to immediately to avoid further pain, prevent damage to the exposed nerve and also as to avoid possible infection. A fractured tooth can be hard to identify sometimes. Bondi Dental can quickly identify if a problem exists with the use if modern technology.

Check for broken fragments

Before arriving at our surgery be sure to check for any exposed wounds and shatter fragments. If a broken tooth is likely to cut your mouth with a sharp edging consider covering the tooth with a peice of sugar free gum until such time as you arrive at the dental surgery.

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Whatever sudden or painful dental problem you have our emergency dentist is open 24 hours and 7 days a weeek.