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Acute Gum Disease

Periodontal (gum) disease is a serious inflammation of the tissue that supports your teeth due to the build up of plague, or tartar on your teeth.

Inflammation of the gums

Inflammatory response is triggered by the invasion of pathogens or tissue injury.  There will be increased blood flow to the infected or injured tissues.  This increase blood flow is needed to deliver immune defender to the site. 

Some tissue destruction also occurs in the area surrounding the infection site which is a side effect of the body’s inflammatory response. Swelling and bleeding of the gum occurs.

Periodontal (Gum) Disease

Periodontal disease progresses in different stages.  The first stage is called gingivitis.  At the beginning you will notice your gums are red, swollen or bleeds.  At this stage, you will not feel any pain.

If this condition is left untreated, it will go onto the 2nd stage, called Periodontitis.  At this stage, due to continual irritation by plague and bacteria, the gum will start to shrink, and the plague and bacteria will slowly damage the bone and the surrounding tissues. 

Bone loss is apparent and pockets are formed between the gums and teeth collecting food and debris in the mouth.  Bacteria present produces toxins which will further eat into the bone and connective tissues.  This is the advanced stage of Periodontitis the teeth will become loose and eventually will be lost.

Emergency on acute gum disease

With acute inflammation, the following symptoms are present:

  • Pain: this is a result of pressure from edema in the tissue.  The excess fluid in the tissues puts pressure on sensitive nerve endings causing pain.
  • Heat: this is a localized increase in temperature due to an increased amount of flood flow at the site.
  • Redness: a result of increased blood in the area
  • Swelling: a result of the accumulation of fluid at the site. 
  • Loss of function: a result of swelling and pain

At this stage, the patient suffering from acute gum inflammation will feel severe pain, heal, swelling and may even lose chewing ability.

This requires emergency treatment by our Bondi Dental emergency dentist to clean and remove the plague and flush out toxins in the mouth, Antiseptic mouth rinse and pain killer will be prescribed.

This condition requires continual monitoring to prevent it from recurring. Regular cleansing and removal of plague by our Bondi Dental hygienist will help to achieve this. More advanced periodontitis cases will require specialist periodontist to determine the prognosis, and sometimes surgical procedures will be needed to enhance future success. 

Bondi Dental’s emergency hotline is 1300 988 010