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Cosmetic Laminate Veneers

Beautiful smiles with Laminated Composite Veneers

“Performing composite veneers is an art, and the best results can only be achieved by the best artist”

Laminated composite veneer procedures can straighten, whiten and beautify your teeth in a matter of hours. It is fast, painless and very cost effective.

Dr. Andrew Sih, at Bondi Dental, is a leading Cosmetic Dentist specializing in providing patients with beautiful smiles with ‘Laminated Composite Veneers’.

Over the past years, Dr. Andrew Sih has performed this procedure for celebrities such as top singers, television actors and models, with highly satisfactory results.

What is laminated composite veneers?

Composite veneers are tooth coloured materials applied free-handedly (laminated) to the teeth to correct the shapes, sizes and colour of the teeth.   Laminated Composite Veneer is an art, like sculpturing, it requires highly artistic and clinical skills.

Our cosmetic dentist, Dr. Andrew Sih, like an artist sculpting, places layers of composites with different shades, colours, hue, tone and chroma progressively onto the surface of the tooth or teeth to straighten, brighten and beautify your teeth. This is a completely painless procedure with does not require any cutting or drilling on your existing teeth.

The discolouration will be blocked and corrected at the same time. You can even choose a whiter shade which will provide a long term "whitening" effect. It is fast, painless and more cost effective than other dental techniques such as orthodontics, crowns and porcelain veneersThe result is a beautiful white new smile built in front of your eyes in a matter of hours.

We would emphasize that because laminated composite veneers are applied ‘free-handed,, the dentist who is performing this procedure must have an eye for beauty, strong sense of aesthetics, good knowledge of facial features and a high level of clinical skills.  He should also be able to ‘vision’ the smile most suitable for the patient, taking into consideration their age, character, facial features and their smile lines.

Before starting the procedure, Dr. Andrew Sih thoroughly examines the condition of the patient’s mouth, making sure there are no decays or tartar build- ups, and rectify if there are. He will then discuss with the patient as to the ‘look’ or ‘smile’ that will best suit the patient with regard to his/her smile line, facial features, age and character. After the discussion and upon agreement by the patient,  Dr. Sih will begin to design the shape and sizes of the teeth to give an overall beautiful and pleasing effect.   He will also do a mock-up to show the patient his/her new look.

During the procedure, Dr. Andrew Sih constantly discusses with his patients to make sure they are happy with the progress.

Laminated composite veneers are like tooth coloured fillings.  In the event of chipping they can be easily repaired and the only maintenance required is to have the laminated composite veneers periodically polished as to retain their lustre and shine.  This procedure is also totally reversible.

In a matter of hours, you can have the smile you are longing for, at a price you can afford.

Cosmetic laminated composite veneers are suitable if you face the situation of:

  • Discolored or medicinal stained teeth
  • Misaligned, crooked or vertically rotated teeth
  • Gaps between or heavily worn teeth
  • Peg shaped lateral incisors
  • Worn or broken teeth

Historically, the methods of dealing with these problems have been to use orthodontics, crowns or porcelain veneers. These procedures, though effective, could either be time-consuming, painful and expensive.

Composite veneers: create a beautiful smile for your wedding

Say “I do” with a beautiful smile !

At Bondi Dental, our cosmetic dentist Dr. Andrew Sih employs a technique using composite veneers which can straighten, whiten and beautify your smile in a matter of hours.

Planning your wedding is such a happy and exciting event.  While busy yourself with choosing bridal gowns, venues, banquets, invitation cards, photographers, etc. why not consider beautify your teeth with composite veneers?  It only takes a few hours and you will have the smile of your dreams.

A brilliant smile will enable to have beautiful memories and photos that will last you for a life time.

Call Bondi Dental at (02) 9365 3988 and make an appointment with Dr. Andrew Sih for a beautiful smile transformation.